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Norton prides itself on offering industry-leading device and antivirus security with new improved ways for protecting online privacy. With Norton Internet Security Electronic License Key 1 User, your PC is more secure from viruses and other forms of Malware. The program offers multi-layered malware protection while allowing for only one device per installation.

The level of protection your device needs highly depends on what you use it to accomplish and how you accomplish the tasks. Norton Internet Security Electronic License Key 1 User gives you secure VPN if you use public WiFi and Parental Control if your kids use the protected device to go online. If your PC gets infected that it won’t boot up or work properly, the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool can help you sort this problem out.

Besides antivirus protection, Norton Internet Security Electronic License Key 1 User also generates reports showing a history of scans or activities done to protect you and your device. Enjoy Norton Safe Web, which blocks fake and unsafe webpages to protect you when surfing the web and an anti-spam feature that blocks fraudulent or unwanted emails.

Imagine having a startup manager on your antivirus program that minimizes the time it takes to start your PC. Are you looking for antivirus software with anti-phishing capabilities? Norton Internet Security Electronic License Key 1 User combines these functionalities into a single program to protect you against scammers, adjust your data usage and block online threats.

Norton Internet Security Electronic License Key 1 User stands out for its Power Saver Settings. Use them to optimize the battery life of your laptop. The tool turns off non-critical processes in your PC to save battery power until you plug the device to a power outlet. Norton also offers free tech support through chat and phone if you have queries about the program’s capabilities and features.

Are you looking for a different Norton product? Browse through our shop for a wide range of antivirus software for your individual or business needs. Find one that offers adequate coverage to keep your PC or devices safe against malware.


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