Norton AV Basic electronic license key 1 user



A good antivirus should fight viruses and other malware software without compromising the performance of your PC. Norton AV Basic Electronic License Key 1 User comes as a lightweight antivirus with a high malware detection rates and low system impact. The 1-year license gives you protection over one computer.

Enjoy a fast and simple installation process with the option of installing Norton browser extensions. Notable extensions include Norton Identity Safe (that manages your passwords) and Norton Safe Web (that warns you about dangerous websites). Once installed, the antivirus is easy to use.

Safeguard your computer against tomorrow’s threats. When it comes to protecting your PC against online threats, an antivirus that’s equipped for that purpose will come in handy. Your browser won’t fall victim to annoying ads that pop up whenever you connect to the internet. Powered by a global security network and 24/7 threat monitoring service, Norton AV Basic Electronic License Key 1 User destroys threats as soon as they’re detected.

Enjoy automatic updates of Norton AV Basic Electronic License Key 1 User for your PC to have the latest anti-malware tools. The automatic updates occur in the background to prevent interruption when working on other tasks. Fill your computer with files holding different types of information without worrying about losing them to malware.

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