McAfee Total Protection 2019 (1YR, 1 PC/Mac)



Stay protected against online threats with the popular and in-demand McAfee Total Protection 2019. While regular antivirus applications are able to detect and block some attacks, McAfee Total Protection 2019 takes protection to the next level with an advanced antivirus engine, extra features, and protection for your entire family with one license. Your device, privacy, and information will always stay protected, even if malware finds its way to your computer.

The modern and easy to use interface allows anyone with a computer to enjoy premium protection while surfing online. Whether you’re visiting websites to shop, searching for a hard-to-find episode of your favorite TV show, or using social media, you can always click with confidence knowing you’re fully secure. The flexible licensing of McAfee Total Protection 2019 allows you to purchase protection for your entire family or a group of your workers depending on your needs.

Don’t hesitate and start enjoying the robust capabilities of McAfee’s high-end protection software. Purchase our product today to protect one PC or Mac computer for a full year!

What threats does McAfee Total Protection 2019 work against?

  • • Malware. Malicious code or software developed to exploit a device for the data it contains. This is a common infection a computer can get, as there’s an overwhelming amount of malware created each day with the purpose of infecting thousands of computers.
  • • Ransomware. A dangerous type of infection which can encrypt all files on your computer and lock you out of your device. The cybercriminal behind ransomware attacks demands money within a short period of time in order to decrypt your files.
  • • Spyware. Hackers develop applications that may seem harmless, but secretly monitors your online activities and collects data about you.
  • • Phishing. Fake websites and fake emails are made to earn your trust and hand cybercriminals your information. They often use a security alert message or promise false money as bait, but appear trustworthy enough to trick unsuspecting victims into these traps.
  • • PUPs. Potentially unwanted programs are software that installs on your device without your permission or knowledge. These installations are often hidden when you install applications you need and can cause significant performance drops or security holes.


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