McAfee Total protection 10-Devices / 1-Year


  • Cross-platform: Both Windows and Mac users can enjoy the protection provided by McAfee Total Protection, as it’s available for both platforms. Pur your differences aside and enjoy a great online experience no matter what device you’re using.
  • Scan your computer: McAfee Total Protection allows you to regularly scan your computer for viruses, vulnerabilities, and other issues in record speed. No hidden malware will get past the award-winning capabilities of McAfee.
  • Anti-spam & anti-phishing: Your e-mail inbox can fill up with inappropriate and fake emails which all attempt to perform a phishing scheme. McAfee Total Protection blocks these messages from reaching you, eliminating the risk of you falling victim to a scam.
  • True Key password manager: Store and your passwords in one safe place, and use easier login methods that require face identification, Touch ID, or secure login.
  • File Lock feature: Store sensitive files on your PC and protect them with advanced encryption and password protection. Keep prying eyes and ransomware away from your documents.
  • Protect your children: Guard your little ones against inappropriate and dangerous web content by blocking websites, search results, and other online content.
  • Screen-time management: Want your kids to spend more time offline? Set up screen-time limitations and monitor their activities safely

Stay protected against online threats with the popular and in-demand McAfee Total protection 10-Devices / 1-Year. While regular antivirus applications are able to detect and block some attacks, McAfee Total Protection takes protection to the next level with an advanced antivirus engine, extra features, and protection for your entire family with one license. Your device, privacy, and information will always stay protected, even if malware finds its way to your computer.

Even if you’ve never used applications made to secure your computer and data, you’ll definitely find your way around McAfee Total Protection. Well known for its clean, simple interface, it provides the opportunity to stay guarded against cybercriminals to all users.

Whether you’re downloading something, browsing shady websites to find a rare episode of your favorite TV show, or simply using social media, you can click with confidence knowing that McAfee Total Protection has your back.

Don’t hesitate and start enjoying the robust capabilities of McAfee’s high-end protection software. Not the right McAfee Total Protection version for you? Take a look at our store and browse through available options to find the perfect match for your needs. Get the best deal on McAfee Total Protection by shopping with us.


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