Avast Ultimate Business Security – 2 Year / 1-4 User

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File Shield

Scans programs and files saved on your PC for malicious threats in real-time before allowing them to be opened, run, modified, or saved. If malware is detected, File Shield prevents the program or file from infecting your PC.

Web Shield

Scans data that is transferred when you browse the internet in real-time to prevent malware, such as malicious scripts, from being downloaded and run on your PC.

Mail Shield

Scans your incoming and outgoing email messages in real-time for malicious content such as viruses. Scanning only applies to messages sent or received using a mail management software (email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird). If you access your web-based email account via an internet browser, your PC is protected by other Avast shields.

Behavior Shield

Monitors all processes on your PC in real-time for suspicious behavior that may indicate the presence of malicious code. Behavior Shield works by detecting and blocking suspicious files based on their similarity to other known threats, even if the files are not yet added to the virus definitions database.


Detects and analyzes rare, suspicious files. If you attempt to run such a file, CyberCapture locks the file from your PC and sends it to the Avast Threat Lab where it is analyzed in a safe, virtual environment.


Monitors all network traffic between your PC and the outside world to protect you from unauthorized communication and intrusions. Firewall can prevent sensitive data from leaving your PC and can block attempted intrusions by hackers.


Scans for malware, outdated applications, unsafe settings, and suspicious add-ons.


Allows you to browse the web or run an application in a completely isolated, safe environment. When you run an application in Sandbox, your activity and web content is contained, which prevents damage to your PC. This is useful when you want to run suspicious or untrusted applications without risk.

Network Inspector

Scans your network for vulnerabilities and identifies potential security issues that open the door to threats. This feature checks the status of your network, devices connected to the network, and router settings. Wi-Fi Inspector helps you secure your network to prevent attackers from accessing it and misusing your personal data.

Real Site

Secures you against DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking. Some malicious programs can redirect you from an authentic URL to an inauthentic one to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

Rescue Disk

Enables you to scan your PC when your system is not running. This method significantly increases your chances of detecting and removing malware because the malware is unable to counteract. If you suspect your PC is infected with malware and all other antivirus scans were unable to resolve the issue, you can use Rescue Disk.

Security Browser Extension

Scans sites for authenticity and blocks malicious ads.

Remote Access Shield

Prevents Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) exploits and brute-force attacks by allowing you to choose who can remotely access your computer and block unwanted connections.

Data Shredder

Allows you to irreversibly erase your files or drives so that there is no way for anyone to restore and misuse your data.

Exchange Server Protection

Scans and filters emails at the Exchange server level – stopping potential attacks before they spread to the network.

SharePoint Server Protection

Checks all files uploaded onto shared storage to ensure malware cannot compromise data.

Privacy Features

SecureLine VPN

Functions as a private tunnel through the internet that encrypts your data and secures your connection when using public Wi-Fi connections, such as those in cafes or airports. SecureLine VPN has servers in several locations, which means you can bypass geolocation restrictions and access your favorite content while traveling.

Webcam Shield

Prevents applications and malware from accessing your PC’s webcam without your consent. With Webcam Shield enabled, untrusted applications cannot capture images or videos, or send the content outside of your PC to compromise your privacy.

Password Protection

Prevents applications and malware from viewing, changing, or deleting passwords that are saved in your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Avast Secure Browser browsers.

Patch Management Features

Flexible Deployment Schedules

Schedule and deploy patches at specific times, or manually deploy to groups or individual devices.

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage all software patches and view graphical summaries of installed, missing, or failed patches from any device.

Customizable Patches

Choose software vendors, products, and the severity of patches to scan and install. Easily create exclusions for applications.

Hundreds of Patches

Deploy patches for Windows operating systems and hundreds of supported third-party software applications for comprehensive protection.

Update Agent Capabilities

Download patch installation files once to an update agent that seamlessly distributes them to all managed devices in the network, reducing network traffic.

Comprehensive Reporting

Easily determine the health and security of device software with a variety of easily configurable reports.

Automatic Scans

Schedule patch scans to run automatically every 24 hours, and set patches to deploy on a specific day. These default settings can be customized at any time.

Patch Management is currently only available for Windows

Available with our online management platform, the Avast Business Hub

Easily set up and install your protection, monitor devices, manage your subscriptions, and more from one place — anytime, anywhere.

On-premise management not available. Mobile Protection only available as Unmanaged.

Mobile Device Protection

iPhone/iPad Features


Initiates an immediate check of everything that Avast Security for iOs secures/guards and updates the results in the appropriate sections.

Wi-Fi Protection

Protects your privacy by using the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to ensure no one can spy on your online activity.

Web Protection

Runs in the background while you browse the internet. When Web Protection is enabled, Avast Mobile Security blocks fake websites that impersonate legitimate sites. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required in order to enable this feature.

Unlimited Photo Vault

Allows users to put photos in a safe and protected place. These photos can be protected with a passcode so that no one — even people with access to the phone – can open them. If the application is uninstalled, all photos in Photo Vault are removed.

Identity Protection

Avast Security protects the user’s online accounts by using Identity Protection to check whether any of the passwords linked to the user’s email address have been leaked online. The function continues to check for leaks and will notify the user if a leak is found, then prompt them to change their password.

Android Features


Scans all apps installed on your device and informs you about security risks caused by changes in default Android settings. Avast Mobile Security automatically scans newly installed apps the first time they are run. If malware is detected, Avast Mobile Security offers to uninstall the app or delete the file.

Web Protection

Runs in the background while you browse the internet. When Web Protection is enabled, Avast Mobile Security blocks fake websites that impersonate legitimate sites. A local VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required in order to enable this feature.


Allows you to connect to the internet via secure Avast VPN servers, using an encrypted tunnel to keep your online activity private.

Boost RAM

Kills any apps running in the background of your device. This action prevents apps from slowing down your device and draining your battery.

Clean Junk

Analyzes your device and displays the amount of storage space that is being used by junk files.

Wi-Fi Security

Scans your network for problems with your router, encryption, Wi-Fi, and connection.

Wi-Fi Speed Test

Checks the download and upload speeds of the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to.

App Lock

Protects your sensitive apps with a PIN or pattern.

App Insights

Provides you with usage information about the apps on your device, data consumption details, and allows you to view which permissions are required by each of your installed apps.

Photo Vault

Allows users to put photos in a safe and protected place. These photos can be protected with a passcode so that no one — even people with access to the phone – can open them.

Power Save

Allows you to adjust a range of settings that may reduce your device’s battery consumption.


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